Spotlight on: Mottingham Youth Matters Forum

Published 18 February 2021

New project funded by Mottingham Big Local Refocused

Q  Hi Samantha, please tell us about this exciting new project!
A  The Bromley Children and Families Forum (BCFF) is undertaking a new programme in partnership with Mottingham Big Local Refocused to create a new Youth Forum in the local Mottingham area to widen our network and knowledge to include the voices of young people and the challenges they are facing in today’s society.

The programme is to recruit young volunteers to represent Mottingham (MBLR boundary) to the wider voluntary sector, as well as being key in providing a local voice in the London Borough of Bromley.

The BCFForum will coordinate and support volunteer youths who join the MYM Forum to design and deliver the planning of a monthly forum meeting, fundraising events for the local community, the design of a dedicated website and social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

We believe that through this experience, gaining an increase in knowledge, through planning and delivery, the young people involved in this project will have developed a deeper level of confidence. Once confidence is established, we would look to promote the services of the forum to grow their contribution to other voluntary/community groups. These may include working in partnership with statutory organisations, including the local authority and Health Department.

Q  How can young people in the Mottingham Big Local area get involved?
A  To register your interest please email for more information or if you require this application in a more accessible format or another language.

Otherwise click the link below to register your interest: –
Mottingham Youth Matters Forum Application Form (Stage 1) (

This is a very exciting project and will not only support the local community, but also provide key transferable skills that can be taken into the work place or just day to day life. Please don’t be shy, we will work with young people to reach their full potential and will ensure the promotion of cultural diversity and inclusion at all times.  We will support all the young people and encourage and nurture views and ideas in a positive and friendly manner. We will promote good health and wellbeing and support any special needs or adjustments required to enable young people to deliver on the tasks required.

Q   What sort of training opportunities will be available?
A   We will provide support and training in all the following areas: –

– Strategies around Identifying key issues/challenges faced by the children and young people of Mottingham.

– Design a 12-month and 3-year strategic plan with deliverables for the Mottingham Youth Forum.

– Project delivery skills – planning and execution of monthly Youth Planning Meetings with the goal to represent the MottinghamYouthForum at the YouthForum & BCFforum monthly Open forum meetings.

– Learn how to create and promote fundraising activities

– Learn how to design and create promotional and marketing material using a number of different applications.

– Project Planning, debating skills, public speaking, Project Evaluation and Analysis and budget management and reporting.

– IT Training and support in how to access our cloud based system (Microsoft), knowledge of building and maintaining a website, communicating to wider voluntary sector using Mailchimp, Outlook, Tik Tok and various other social media platforms.

Q   Can you also tell us about the Bromley Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum?
A   The BCFForum was established in the mid-1990’s as an independent network of local voluntary groups working with children and young people as well as their families, offering practical information and support on improving the lives of children and families in Bromley.

We work with voluntary organisations and community groups that deliver services in areas such as health and social welfare or education issues such as, learning or physical disabilities or domestic abuse whilst others may be more general like faith and uniformed groups. BCFForum provides a platform through which to connect, deliver training, share news and information from its members. This is done via our social media platforms, e-bulletins and networking events to the wider community.

We work closely with statutory agencies to deliver and promote projects in the community as well as representing the sector on various LA and strategic boards such as the Voluntary Sector Strategic Network so we can ensure we can keep our members fully informed whilst representing their interests.



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